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Ali Wentworth shares coronavirus finding and says she's 'never been more diseased' 

Wentworth is home with Stephanopoulos and their two little girls, yet is self-confining in a different room. 

She called into "GMA" Thursday to state "As a matter of first importance, thank you for all your well-wishes" and kidded, "You know I'm hot in case I'm permitting myself to go on national TV with no cosmetics on." 

She disclosed how she began to feel sick while out strolling her canine. 

"What began was I had a genuine snugness in my chest. I was strolling my canine Cooper, and I just felt incredibly, winded and I accepted, obviously, it was on the grounds that I never work out and I'm flabby, however it was it was unreasonably overwhelming for that," she said by means of video from bed. 

Wentworth said she wasn't feeling extraordinary, at that point she got a fever. 

"What's more, it wasn't until the fever begun that I understood this can't be a typical summer cold," she said. "I proceeded to get tried ... which was three days back, and now I've had high fevers, kind of 101, 103." 

Experiencing additionally throbbing joints and influenza like side effects, she exhorted that the "things that help are Tylenol, chicken soup. I scrubbed down when I had chills and I have two mutts that rest on my bed with me." 

She likewise cautioned individuals to remain at home. 

Stephanopoulos is the one in particular who is going in the space to help Wentworth, he said on "GMA." 

"I need to get somewhat close once in a while to take her temperature and do the oxygen test and I bring her nourishment," he said. "I'm unquestionably being cautious in cleaning down and wearing gloves. I have not been wearing a veil."

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